Bobby Osborne Said This 2Days Before Death/This Will Make You Cry 😭🕊 (2023)


Bobby Osborne, one half of the famed bluegrass duo ,The Osborne Brothers’ who helped popularize the song Rocky Top, has died. He was 91 years old.

Osborne, a native of Hyden, Kentucky, died Tuesday morning, according to Hazard Community and Technical College.
He co-founded the bluegrass group alongside his brother Sonny and premiered the act in Knoxville in the early 50s. The group became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1964 and was inducted into the International Bluegrass Hall of Honor in 1994.

Sonny Osborne Died in 2021 at the age of 84 .Music historians agree that the group’s style and music compositions became influential in the bluegrass genre.They had very distinctive three-part harmonies and a lot of bluegrass acts were influenced by that,” said music writer and historian Wayne Bledsoe.

They were one of the first bands to use drums and electric instruments, said bluegrass historian and writer John Curtis Goad .Said after the passing of Sonny in 2021.Today, you’ve got bands like Mumford and Sons and all kids of stuff who use bluegrass instrumentation plugged up.

On Christmas Day 1967, the group released their version of ‘Rocky Top,’ which was written by Country Music Hall Of Fame, and Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame members Boudlueux & Felice Bryant.

The Osborne Brothers rendition became a smash hit synonymous with East Tennessee and the University of Tennessee. The Tennessee General Assembly made their version an official state song in 1982.

The song ‘Rocky Top’ was first played by the University of Tennessee’s Pride of the Southland Band on October 21st, 1972 during the halftime show against Alabama.

Artists began issuing statements in remembrance of Osborne on Tuesday.
We all loved Bobby,The Oak Ridge Boys wrote on social media. He is back with Sonny again.



And being scared to death to be in front of a crowd to becoming a member of the Grand old Opry to performing for us tonight at Jekyll, Island, Georgia at 91 years old, you're, a hero and I.

Thank you and and I know everyone I'm thanking you for everyone, for your service as the United States Marine, and for your music contribution for your impact that you've had you've changed lives and I.

Just want to.

Thank you, I, don't know how else to say it except thank you.

You have um you're a hero of so many of us I appreciate that and I don't every once in a while.

I look back at what I've told you.

You know yeah and uh I, look back on them days and now I think.

Well, you asked you had to be a dumb and do that you know you had no fear.

You were adventuresome, as I've heard is where he tells good through the woods and everything exactly I mean I could have been chewed up by a snake or something like that: no fear or animals.

You did what you needed to do, and so yeah and but my mom had a had a sister that lived right right near uh and my dad.

She let him stay with her through the week and I'd go get him on Friday.

Well that went on for a long time.

It went to probably a couple years, I guess and uh I said, and that's that road before her about Bob's sister, that that street is still right there today and she she didn't.

She lived in a house and her her husband worked at a working on cars and stuff right so and I went over them back so many times and got my dad and the lady was named my cousin, Amy I, don't know if you've ever heard of her and I've heard yes, because she's a member of Renfro, Valley, barn, dance, yes and sure at the Opry one time and uh I got I got to meet her one time when I got into the music wow I'll tell you about that in a minute, but uh she was recording for deck of Records.

She recorded she.

She had a record out of Ruby here's this here's, this woman.

She played to call him a badger and singing Ruby and I I've heard so many times waiting on my dad or taking my dad over him back right.

I just learned the words to it and uh I knew every word of it and because how I learned that was his cousin Amy, her recording was on and my mom had a brother that had a little restroom down there and he went her.

Her is on a big I'm, a big judeologist, and when she opened uh he opened that restaurant up.

He went from daylight to dark by her.

She saw it hurts many times.

I I, just I knew it.

I didn't have to didn't, have to learn it.

You just absorbed it yeah that night we went to Middletown and he says I said you got to do another song.

I said I, don't know.

Another I had forgot that I had heard that record of hers.

Okay for a long time, so you hear something so long.

You just know the words to us so I'm sitting there.

He said you got to do the other song, I thought well, I thought I know that old song there and uh he said, get out there and sing it and I got out there to sing Ruby and then then people now, but by that time my voice had raised up a little bit even higher and uh.

So, but us is the advantage of the radio stations right on the the stations right.

There were right right on that in a farm and the guy that uh that uh he advantage that station or on part of it or something he come down there and he was a built, a big built guy and he's about six foot tall and he come down and he said who in case I said and I got another Standing Ovation when I did Ruby and people.

Never he never heard nothing.

I never did anything like that, yeah so, but anyway uh.

He come down here right on a field where the show was, and he was the radio stations there.

He come down and he said I want to know who, in the world that sung that stupid song Ruby before I go, but when I shut up right there I just freaked quickly or something I, guess and I.

Just never said a word.

He said somebody song, he said he said we're broadcasting this this thing here and he said somebody saw that stupid song Ruby while ago and said I won't know who it was and but I stood there and I said I ain't going to tell it was me saying, and he says well I'm not leaving he.

He said somebody said ain't, nobody going home tonight until I get up for the guy Ruby and he says well get out there and sing it again.

Oh, my goodness, and so I went out there and did it again and I might have done it a couple more times right there them people actually like I thought they went crazy.

I, never seen people act like what about that and uh.

But that's where Ruby came from.

That is a wonderful story.

I sing a song I learned it real, well and never felt, but never sung for a bunch of years.

To my brother, we got together and and uh was looking for a recording contract which played some nightclubs that sang around in in Dayton Ohio and a DJ at Dayton.

His name was Tommy Sutton, he played country, music, had a show playing country, records and uh, somehow or another Being, Sunny and and red Allen, because sometimes us three got together and we were singing some good music trying to sing together to learn hours and he knew a DJ.

We went up the DJ was he had a radio program in Dayton Ohio and we he played country records and, and we go over it and we he said well saved, he didn't he did it.

He did the show from his house.

Even that early came wow, and so he had recorded equipment set up there and uh.

We got we just got out and played some with us three guys and he said uh.

He said you guys should try to get your recording contract.

Well, that was just uh.

That was something that would never happen, that we thought, and he said if you'll make me a tape.

He said I know some people in Nashville that might might help you.

So we made him a taping somehow or another I sung Ruby for the guy, and he said put that on that.

Tell you he said they uh I.

Did that I put it on that tape.

He took that tape to Nashville and played it for uh, Wesley, Rose and then and his dad and Rick Roy Acuff is the ones that started that Publishing Company of AKA froze wow.

But anyway he took the took the tape and played it for uh Wesley, Rose who's, Fred wrote his son and he said where'd you get this and he told him.

Just that's I want that right there and uh.

He come back.

The guy told us he said he said he wants you to record for him.

I said and I found out, it was for being natural, but what he talked about getting scared, I got you I've I was scared to death, but see that's so wonderful.

So many times you were scared, but you kept.

Did you ever get to meet Ernest? Oh okay, good good, yeah, good yeah.

He was.

He knew that song my voice was low like his eyes.

Next we got to the Opera.

We worked shows with him and I used to get on this bus to talk with him on the same show he was booked on the same show, and he said Sons said you ought to quit singing himself to mine.

He said one half of the famous progress due the Osborne Brothers, who helped propried the song.

Loki top has died.

He was 91 years old, husband, a native of Haydn Kentucky died Tuesday morning according to the Hazard Community and Technical courage.

He co-founded the bluegrass group, alongside his brother Sony and premiered the act in the zoneville in the early 50s.

The group became a member of the grand order Opera in 1964 and was inducted into the International Bluegrass Hall of Honor in 1994.

Sony Osborne died in 2021 at the age of 84, and his music historians agree that the group's style and the music compositions became influential in the Bluegrass General.

They had very distinctive three-part Acts, which were influenced by that said: music, writer and historian wine breadsall.

Are they all they? They weigh on one of the first bands to use drums and electric instruments say the Bluegrass historian and writer John Carter's God, and he said that the passing of Sony in 2021, the goat, the bands like the Mumford and Sons and all kids of staff to use the Bluegrass instrumentation product app on Christmas day of 1967, the group produced their version of Rocky topi, which was written by the Country Music Hall of Fame and the songwriter horror, film members, Bond riff and various brand.

The Osborne Brothers tradition became a smart ships synonymous with East Tennessee and the University of Tennessee and the Tennessee General Assembly made their version.

An official state song in 1982 artists began issuing statements in remembrance of Osborne on Tuesday, we loved Bobby, the Oak Ridge of boys, wrote on social media uh he's back to be with Sony again, it's so sad and heartbreaking news for the demise of the Beloved Bobby.

We pray for your soul rest in Eternal, peace rest in paradise.

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Once again, thank you.

I sign out, bye, bye.

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