Funny Things To Say On A Prank Call (2024)

1. 20 Funny Prank Call Ideas for When You're Really Bored

  • 22 Aug 2022 · 1. You've won tickets! · 2. Scorned lover · 3. You called me · 4. Your food delivery has arrived · 5. You've run out of toilet paper · 6. It's been ...

  • "You called me!"

2. 23 Funny Prank Call Ideas To Do When You Really Bored

  • Things To Keep In Mind · Prank Call Ideas For Friends

  • If you’re thinking about having a little fun, we have some hilarious prank call ideas that’ll brighten your day and give you a good laugh.

3. 31 Hilarious Prank Call Ideas - Craftsy Hacks

  • 22 Sept 2022 · Randomly call your friend's number who you haven't met in a while, but you know where they live. Call and tell them you have been standing ...

  • You can easily have the best time playing pranks with your friends when you use any of these hilarious prank call ideas. These crazy funny ideas for prank phone calls are perfect to have fun with your friends. Find these teen activities and incorporate them!

4. 20 Very Funny Prank Call Ideas 2023 - Ponly

  • 1. Fake a Food Delivery · 2. Date night · 3. Fake Carpenter Prank · 4. You've won! · 5. Your package needs to be signed. · 6. The Duo prank · 7. Survey Specialist · 8.

  • These hilarious phone prank call ideas will have your boredom cured in no time by wanting to call everyone on your friends list!

5. 30 Funny Prank Call Ideas To Try On Friend or Family

  • 28 Feb 2023 · 1. Fake Food Delivery. This is a good prank to get started on if you're pretty new to doing prank calls. Simply call a random ...

  • Funny pranks are a good way to get a laugh. If you want to add some humor to your own life, try these prank call ideas on friends or family.

6. 10 Funny Numbers to Call for a Good Laugh - Reader's Digest

  • 3 Mar 2023 · The most hilarious prank call numbers · From Better Call Saul, Saul Goodman's hotline: 505-503-4455 · Santa's workshop: 951-262-3062 · From ...

  • Time to take your pranks to the next level! These hilarious numbers to prank call are guaranteed to make anyone LOL.

7. 18 Prank Call Ideas - Random Things to Do

  • 18 Prank Call Ideas ; Call: Anybody When they answer act like they called you. ; Call: A Random Number Act like you know who they are. ; Call: Pizza Hut Ask for ...

  • Those poor, poor minimum wage employees.

8. 30 Hilarious Prank Call Ideas You Should Try - Inspirationfeed

  • 6 Mar 2023 · 30 Hilarious Prank Call Ideas You Should Try · Who Called Who? · How Are You Doing? · Is Your Refrigerator Running? · Tacos from Krispy Kreme?

  • For as long as I can remember, there hasn’t been any greater joy than that warm feeling that emanates from your heart when you put a smile on someone’s face. The joy that you’re responsible for the happiness of another…

9. 20 Funny Prank Call Ideas For When You're Really ... - Yahoo News UK

  • 1 Apr 2021 · 20 Funny Prank Call Ideas For When You're Really Bored · 1. You've won tickets! Your friend might get mad at you for this one, so proceed with ...

  • Here is a list of funny prank call ideas for when you're looking for something fun to do.

10. 20 Funny Things To Say While Prank Calling - Insider Monkey

  • 10 Apr 2017 · Call a random number and say „Congratulations, you just won a prize!“ The person on the other side will probably be shocked and start asking ...

  • Having a sense of humor is always important regardless of your age. We all enjoy sharing a joke with friends and prank calling is a fun way to make your day more interesting. - All Parts

11. good prank calling jokes on pizza places | Poké Forums

  • 11 Jul 2006 · Ask what the order taker is wearing. 18. Crack your knuckles into the receiver. 19. Say hello, act stunned for five seconds, then behave as if ...

  • Here are some funny ways how to prank call pizza places. 99 ways to order a pizza the fun way... 1. If using a touch-tone, press random numbers while ordering. Ask person taking the order to stop doing that. 2. Make up a charge-card name. Ask if they accept it. 3. Use CB lingo where...

12. The 44 Greatest Prank Phone Calls of All Time - The Daily Dot

  • 1 Feb 2016 · 44) You Kicked My Dog · 43) Domino's Pizza Prank Call · 42) The Plumber · 41) Bruschotti · 40) Papa John is a Fraud · 39) Crazy Indian Restaurant ...

  • A particularly well-executed prank elicits a hilarious terror you truly can’t find anywhere else. Here are some of the all-time best funny prank calls.

13. Funny Numbers to Call When You're Bored or Want to Prank Someone

  • Things You Should Know · Call (248) 434-5508 to get Rick rolled. · Dial (845) 354-9912 to hear the world's fastest dial tone. · Trick someone into calling the ...

  • Calling a funny hotline or giving a joke phone number to someone can make for a good laugh or a hilarious prank. Need some good numbers to call, though? Don't worry—we've compiled a list of hilarious numbers to call, including general...

Funny Things To Say On A Prank Call (2024)
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