PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery Machine Review with Wireless Capability (2023)

Are you ready to take your embroidery game to the next level? The Brother PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery Machine is here to elevate your skills. With its 6-needle embroidery machine speed, wireless connectivity, and precise crosshair positioning, the Brother PR680W effortlessly handles a variety of projects and materials with its generous 8x12 embroidery area. See your embroidery designs come to life on the large integrated 10.1-inch HD LCD display, featuring large icons and a scrolling menu. Whether you're creating something new or adding an upcycling touch, the Brother PR680W has got you covered with its hundred built-in embroidery designs, eighteen monogram fonts, 140 combinations of frame patterns, fifty fonts, and ten buttonhole charts in three sizes.

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Features in Detail

Versatility with Six Needles: Each needle offers customizable settings for color lock, speed, and needle threader deactivation, which is helpful when using a thin needle. At the same time, the expanded thread tension range allows for a wide range of tension settings, making it easier to embroider on rough materials with the right tension without distorting or puckering the fabric.

Crosshair Embroidery Droplight Laser: Achieve precise positioning and illuminate your fabric to see where the needle would fall in all your embroidery projects with the crosshair embroidery droplight laser. It provides exact positioning within +/- 0.5mm from the needle entry point on fabrics up to a thickness of 16mm. The new laser crosshair has a longer horizontal axis, allowing for very accurate placement even when clamping your items twisted.

Wireless Connectivity: When connected to your wireless network, you can send embroidery designs from your PC to the Brother PR680W using design database transfer and receive notifications when it's time to change thread or when your project is completed with the My Stitch Monitor application. You can wirelessly connect up to ten machines and receive automatic machine updates when using PE-Design 11 (additional purchase required).

Six Needle Speed: Boost your creativity and efficiency with industry-leading high-speed acceleration. Achieve approximately one thousand stitches per minute in just seven seconds. Projects will be completed faster and with minimal noise.

Color Grouping, Sorting, and Management: The Brother PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery Machine features color grouping, which allows you to select multiple areas for color editing simultaneously, intuitive color management for easy design personalization, and color sorting that helps reduce thread changes when combining designs.

Shortcut and Lock Mode Function: The PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery Machine can support a busy embroidery business with a key combination that allows the user to jump from numerous screens directly to the embroidery screen, saving time. The completely new security lock modes allow a business owner to personalize access to machine functions for different roles, enabling important business embroidery designs to be stored and allowing the machine operator to focus on important tasks.

LED Lighting and Large Workspace: The PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery Machine features a generous 8x12-inch embroidery field for projects of any size. Illuminate your work with vibrant, customizable lighting using four integrated LED lights to see colors clearly and without shadows. Personalize the light brightness among five settings, including the off mode, to find your perfect level.

LCD Touchscreen Color Display: The large integrated 10.1-inch high-resolution LCD display with large icons and a scrolling menu makes on-screen editing and letter input a breeze. With defined symbols, size selection for thumbnails, color control, swipe function, scrolling menu, and the ability to preview your embroidery design properties in preview mode, on-screen editing and letter input are a breeze.

Expandable Library with Built-in Tutorials: The HD tutorials of the PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery Machine make learning easy. Watch 24 instructional videos directly on the high-resolution LCD display, from basic operation to embroidery functions.

Built-in Designs: Create new projects or add a nice upcycling touch with a hundred built-in embroidery designs, eighteen monogram font styles, 140 frame design combinations, fifty font styles, fifty built-in utility stitch designs, and ten buttonhole styles in three sizes.

Artspira Mobile Application: WHERE ART MEETS INSPIRATION - With the artspira mobile application, you can get creative on the go. Access embroidery and cutting designs and create embroidery designs by drawing on your mobile device, the possibilities for your next project are limitless.


  • Brand: Brother
  • Range: Professional
  • Design: Computerized
  • Function: Embroidery
  • Machine Size: Non-portable
  • Machine Type: Embroidery Machine
  • Use: Household
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Small Business
  • Connectivity: USB Port, PC, and 2x High-Speed USB Port
  • My Stitch Monitor App: Yes
  • Wireless Capability: Yes
  • Display: 10.1-inch LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Display Resolution: 800 x 1280 pixels
  • Display Size: 10.1 inches
  • Screen Type: High-Resolution IPS LCD Touchscreen
  • Stitch Selection: LCD Touchscreen
  • Embroidery Color Change: Yes
  • Create Custom Thread Chart: Yes
  • Embroidery Area in mm: 300 x 200 mm
  • Wide Extension Table: Optional
  • Font Editing Features: Yes
  • Font Size Selection: Yes
  • Free Arm Embroidery: Yes
  • High-Speed Acceleration: Yes
  • Guided Pointer: Included
  • Maximum Embroidery Speed: 1000 stitches per minute
  • Multi-line Input: Yes
  • Number of Spool Stands: 6
  • Change and Mirror Patterns, Size, Rotation: Yes
  • Realistic Design Preview: Yes
  • Single-Color Design: Yes
  • Thread Color Display: Yes
  • Thread Color Sorting: Yes
  • Brother Mobile App: My Stitch Monitor
  • Built-in Monogram Styles: 18
  • Built-in Embroidery Frame Designs: 140
  • Built-in Font Styles: 651
  • Built-in Designs: 999
  • Camera Sensor: Laser Crosshair Positioning
  • Color Grouping: Yes
  • Frames Included: 4x4, 5x7, 300x200, 38x50
  • Number of Hoops: 4
  • Progress Bar: Yes
  • Cap Frame: Optional, not included
  • General: Accessory Box
  • Power Voltage: 220 - 240 V
  • Working Environment: Energy Saving Mode
  • Spool Type: Vertical
  • Hardware Type: Electric
  • Bobbin Insertion: Anytime Access
  • Number of Needles: 6
  • Sewing Lighting: 3 LEDs
  • Utility Stitches: 80
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty
  • Threading: Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Bobbin Sensor: Yes
  • Upper Thread Sensor: Yes
  • Bobbin Winder: Independent
  • Needle Threading System: One-Touch Needle Threading
  • Weight & Dimensions: Machine Dimensions: 512 x 589 x 770 mm, Weight: 37 kg


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