Foreign thank you which keeps beating All, For, You and I hope you'll feel the same way, most beautiful finest of them all my God, you are so fine or free I.

Don't have any money to lend you today.

Oh thank you.

Please! It's just it's just transport money to go to work for the week as soon as I receive my salary.

I will pay.

You story.

No, it's not still real they're going to pay us next week.

So then, next week, now everything I'm owing you in this life I'll just pay up.

Please you know you're, my helper in this town, I support structure.

Okay, please I, hear you! Thank you! Please don't destroy you again, but I'm serious I'll pay you it's! Okay, am I, see you in this town, hey I, love! You so much see you see how you're my helper God just brought you into my life.

With this purpose.

You get to know this money from yeah, Queen, beauty and brains, laughs.

My friends, all right, I think you had warning.

Please add one just add one.

Okay, just give me like that yeah so funny, hey coach, I'm going to bless you and you don't have to go.

If you walk at the salon like chicken with my male customers, me I cannot do that.

One I can never ever do that.

My block of flats in enugu is almost 3D, and that is all that counts.

You see this your dream of traveling to Europe, better work hard for it or forget it.

Um I'm working hard for it.

Now by the time I gather my salary like this come I'll buy tickets, get Visa and travel as a waitress wait.

Why am I always having this conversation with you? Hey I! Don't have the money for rent.

You know that it's like you want to be late for work today, good morning, good morning, where's, my money, you no one greets me! You don't want to pay my money, that's my house right and the rent.

Yes, me, good morning, good morning, good morning, I'm thinking that I'll pay you like next month, or maybe this month end well.

I have my just waiting for us I'm not going to wait for next month anymore, since last month you have been promising next month next month next month.

This is another month again, you are still promising another next month.

I, don't want to hear that one I'm collecting my money next week.

Oh yes, I'll back you guys out and there's no button to that.

Now we are going to pay.

You know.

Even the government is owing, which is a problem in the country.

Everything is just had accidents, but as God's meaning see thank God.

You know me, you need.

Why did you say something like that? So you can realize that this world is not kind and only the tough make it your miserable salary as a waitress can never give you a decent life, let alone take you to Europe.

If you like, don't go and look for where to get money.

Yeah just pop my things and go and stay in the shop, because this rent team is becoming very expensive.

I cannot continue like this Time Has Changed.

Oh, take me higher higher through the mountains.

Thank you.

This was um.

Thank you, foreign every year.

Thank you, thank you.

So what would you like to order? Bingo are special.

This is our one I.

Just special, yes smells just like we prepared back home.

Are you from Edo State? Yes, I am oh bless you.

You know it actually tastes better.


Give me a moment.

Let me get you water all right.

Oh my God! This was the right choice.

You know it Couples from the other Resorts.

They usually come here to eat our special.

You know why, because that result is only made the middle.

They know how to cook.

They don't know how to cook.

Well, you know, but it's good, because at the end of the day, we're making money we're making money.

I assume that you guys are just a newly wedded couple.

Yes, we are.

Is that obvious? Of course you know there's this glow, that new couples have, and you see both of you, you have it extra something, some of them at least let them eat you're eating and could I at least give them the toothpicking yeah.

This is especially for you I hope you like it.

Thank you.

So much let me know, of course, I mean it smells good already.

I can't wait to I hope the fish is not too soft and it's not too hard.

Oh, not at all.

You see wheat naija special.

Our job is to cater to the need of different people.

Some people, like it harder people like it soft too.

Naturally, we just say let's stay in between and meet people's needs about doing more.

He also realized that he needs his King's Men to win the next election.

It's politician, don't worry, don't worry.

So how is the planting season going? My daughter, I, don't think I can be able to do any farming this year.

My bones are no longer strong again, but you don't have to do the job yourself.

Now you can hire people to do it.

For you, no problem money will come money will come I'll.

Try I'll! Try, don't worry! Oh my daughter, God bless you! Oh may your drum, never run dry, amen.


May God continue to bless you.

Oh my daughter.

Thank you.

God bless you! Thank you! Papa bye! Thank you.

I! Don't have money for your father's farm work.

You know you can actually make 50 car more just in one night by laughing.

Yes, you can seriously, it might not be up to 50k, but at least it will be enough to take care of your low standards ahead of anybody making money by laughing.

All you have to do is you know, pretend to be willing book a date and take whatever tip you're.

Giving hmm you know.

Thank you.

It's works.

Trust me see now, okay, just what is the problem? What do you mean? What's the problem open up the makeup, and this dress that I wore I only made 2500.

I'd want to do tomorrow.

Call me fat girl, his father and his mother are fat.

Thank you.

Yes, how did you make so much money? Well, let's say I know how to use my tongue differently, your tongue.

How did you do it watch me not that sweet seductively? This is what you did and you got all this money push up.

That is not no wonder they gave me two five.

You have to breed seductively foreign.

The last customer said: I wasn't sweet, I'm sure you do not know how to handle the plates.

So please are you paying cash or POS I'm, actually spending my weekend at the resort, just next door, good for you, sir cash or POS sible, like lots of salary, huh, very pretty girl, sir.

Please a weekend with you will be a gallon of old, rustic blood.

So rude.

Why am I so rude? All you have been talking about since you came here it's weekend weekend weekend weekend weekend.

You cannot even touch somebody tip.

That's where I've seen man I'll go straight to the points.

Yeah there's nothing Berry like I said I mean it's very generous person.

It is a very generous person.

You are generally oh wow this for me.

Thank you.

It's 6 000.

So where did you say you're staying again, all right, I! Think.

Let me add one more.

Oh! Thank you.

Ah, you are so generous.

Thank you.

Let me just give you my phone number I will call you look the second line, so in case this one it will go.

Don't worry, I need to go.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

All right, sir.

Thank you for coming to one another restaurant.

Thank you, sir.

Okay, sir.

Please thank you.

Thank you.

I think it was right too.

Yeah these people are foolish.

I know hello.

Welcome to one Niger restaurant, the best NADA restaurant on this Resort Road, sir.

You see this restaurant will serve one of the best of the best African meals.

We have jollof rice, fried rice, croaker, fish, goat's meat, pepper soup, African dishes, everything you can want.

We even sell InterContinental Oriental International any kind of meal you want.

One agile restaurant is here for you.

What would you like to order? Sir sir? You know I would recommend our Bono soup.

It's actually really nice people like our Bono soup.

Why I don't know but I think I recommend that maybe we should go for Banga, Banga starch.

It's actually also a second option.

I would I would maybe me I, prefer vegetable soup, but some people kind of prefer oregano.

Why I don't know? What's up? Oh just water anyway, water is a good choice when you start with water very soon you'll become hungry, and then you order from one Aja, restaurant, okay, okay, I'll just drop this right here and I'll.

Get you the water any other thing: okay, um! So are you ready to order? Now? Maybe you should just go for Facebook, see.

I know.

Life is hard in Nigeria right now.

Life is very hard.

What that's not enough for a full grown man like you to be crying as long as there's life, you have a roof over your head and you have food to eat like you came here to eat and order now Tim is okay.

I know it's not easy! That's why everybody in this country is Japan, especially when you wake up in the morning go on social media, and then you see this little little boy spending money like there's! No tomorrow, you ask your God is my own head different? Do they have two heads and my own is one even at that calm down? You know what in fact wait.

Man be crying and brother.

That's my launch for this afternoon, eat it chop, chop I be exclusive chop.

You know what take this one join shop enjoy yourself, hey, probably not the finisher probably will not finish just chop yeah.

You know what don't even pay for this water I'll pay for it.

It's okay, don't kill yourself, don't kill yourself yeah manage so you give a stranger, probably a Yahoo boy, all the money you made today, boy I think he's just going through a difficult time.

I have a very strong spirit.

I, don't think I'm wrong.

I'll, be again let your strong Spirit teach you how to make money.

Are you going out with me today? Is it to go and laugh? No, then I'm not going suit yourself.

One day, it's gonna, get better, should I open it.

Okay, sir.

Thank you, hey I'm, happy to see you you all right.

I was very worried.

You're going to hurt yourself means like try to harm yourself.

I might be okay.

How long have you been jobless? Oh, are you into business? Let me I've been in which are here two years.

It doesn't get better, but I'm managing I'll.

Be all right, you have to learn how to manage my man.

Do you understand? So what should I offer you this time? Ah, there's no food to do no free food today, I've eaten it try and order something now serious, okay for free this way, this is interest standing by me.

Nelly Pamela welcome to uwa naija restaurant.

What would you like to eat? You mean you left the whole of Benin to come, be a waitress hey with your well-paying job there, oh God, please truly, no word for you, my dear please! A few people are here to order.

Can you just sit down and eat? It's quite a um is occupying a full building electric phase.

One are you here, foreign I make my money with my real body and people like me.

Regardless, you have a problem with it.

Like I said the difference.

I am happy, go and get us something about you.

It's okay should be in this life you that I put under my roof.

God will judge you don't read my thing.

Hopefully you haven't paid up your Woodlands see.

Is that I'm, so you cannot ask for another.

I really need this loan I promise I'll pay you back, I I, work hard and I'll be able to give you how over it tell me how you're going to pay me back.

So you see my father.

I do not run a charity organization here.

I really need this.

One I'll give you back, leave my office now.

Thank you foreign scenario.

Nearly that I squatted I gave her a roof over her head that one too hard mouth to talk this life.

Yes, if you do what I do you have same fake breasts, fake ass and even more to show for it? I don't want fine, continue to just remember the worst stimulation of your life go ahead, Jesus? What happened, which one is what happened why it is finished? May they have money I, don't have any money to buy any like.

If you turn me upside down like this, nothing will drop no problem.

We won't sleep in darkness, actually you're the one that will sleep in darkness because me I am going out.

Thank you.

You know, I, don't have money.

You want to leave me in this Darkness.

Under this heat he to kill me now.

It is poverty that will kill you.

First we're gonna get dressed and go think I.

Have time usually did you buy this like now, that's finished, even if it's 200 now like, but at least that means to charge.

My phone is only us, please, foreign foreign, hello.

You look like someone I know.

Well, it's that same someone.

You know what is going on.

Did you hit the jackpot? Hey? Are you serious look how high you're dressed you look like someone that can pay for your food.


What will I offer you? What would you offer it? Look I have messed up.

The whole place is: why are you not cleaning I, assume you're? The manager here actually I'm the owner of this place.

Perfect uh, please permit her to sit with me.

So I can make my order, sir, he's a very big customer, one of our biggest customers and he used to take his time to order.

So I said, let me be just you know you were sitting down.

So why were you know serving him? I was just trying to sorry, sir foreign.

What is going on give me the gist yeah before that.

Let me sort my gut out.

Well, actually, I was thinking to do dinner in this place.

So you know people don't like Swallow at night.

I know what I meant was to take you to dinner.

I can pick you up when you close look I I just want to talk and uh yeah tell your boss that I lost my appetite.

You can never change.

I'll see you around.

Thank you foreign for me.

Yes, is that your boyfriend, no sir relative, so he's just a customer um.

Yes, sir, do you know you're, very, very brilliant and beautiful? Yes, I know I just choose to be humble about it.

We're not aware that have what it takes.

You don't know what you have so I know what I have and I give God the glory for it.

That means you understand what I would propose to you.

Next I have this Rich old friends very powerful, who, like conservative girls like you, they are rich.

Okay, they don't like they don't like wild girls like I'm looking they are just like a girl.

They don't like them all right old guys.

That's it are they looking for nurses, because me I'm not enough so I don't know how to do those type of things.

So it's better.

They just go for the lucky girls like that.

What's up look I'm trying to help you here so so that's not the kind of help I'm looking for.

Unfortunately, that's the kind of food that's available.

I can manage without it.

Oh, whatever management plan you have, it should involve.

You pay me back my money.

Yes, it's part of pizza, that's not good enough! Are you aware that you're not going to receive your month's salary this month, salary? You will not receive it, sir, but we agree that you only take 20 from my salary from the money.

I, don't care, look I want to expand my business, so I need every money that I want now.

Please excuse me, huh I said.

Excuse me if I could tell for a ride, then this yes ma'am, hey.

Are you sure you don't want to go and use me for ritual I'm sure with your good heart? They would definitely reject it.

Hop in hopping over here, where are you taking me to just Jay's Resort Chase Resort? How can you even afford that place? Do you know how expensive that place is people are watching? Can you just come in the car that I'm about to enter yeah I promise I will explain, hold my back first, okay, Jesus Christ, there's no money in it.

So it's okay.

What did you drug me? Okay, hey, hey! Give me don't finish it! Ah, I just wanted to prove to you that it's not drug I was joking with you easy easy.

This is nice you're supposed to be sipping, not gulping, don't get drunk, oh they're drunk me.

You see that word drunkard! It's for my DNA bitcoined it! Yes! Yes, it's not sweet! It's not it's! Not so um! Tell me: how do you do it? What make it seem like there's no problem in this world when you have back to back problems like back to back to back to back to back problem, you just adjust you just adjust, there's nothing! You can do about it, no problem, they say no to finish.

No! It's my car! One of my cars actually I'm serious because we are not rich I got you you're, the only rich person I know in this life.

If really you are rich.

No, this is actually my favorite, but one of my toys, don't worry, I'll, explain, I've told you I'm actually trying to figure you out, like they don't understand, but it's not clicking it's not connecting how how I don't want to blow my own trumpet.

So we didn't see so you're telling me that you're staying at this results, yeah expensive, he's only old men that come to that place with small small girls I've, never seen any I've, never even enter the football I used to hear that I used to hear that is.

Is rich people please rich people place.

So what does that make me? I? Don't know: okay, you'll soon know you are something else.

You have something else too.

There are something else: I wanna be high lands.

Take me higher higher through the mountains, like everything has changed the memories foreign every higher higher through the mountains.

So you are welcome to my room.

Are you trying to steal my organs or something? If you are all that my father? Has please listen, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Can you I need to sit up first, okay, just sit and hear me out: please just go oops it off I'm, not trying to sell it.

Okay, I will see foreign, so this is supposed to be my honeymoon trip.

All the boxes you see.

There were used.

Okay, so where's your wife um.

She was.

She was caught in bed with a map, an older man.

What's wrong with all these old men, old men and and young girls, it's like God I am 12 of them.

Yo I caught up the wedding.

Oh you made somebody cheated on you.

As far as you are hey.

Are you sure something's wrong with you I think it's because I trust too much huh.

Sorry, it actually made a news, serious yeah, oh my God, so beautiful.

Why I find those always misbehaving? Hey just because oil mogul bombs, his fiance Sherry huh, the man is even your father's friend hey.

You know.

I still can't believe that two years of my life is wasted.

Ah, it's two years they're talking about me: do you know how long I spent with Maxwell five years five years and Maxwell after five years.

Somebody gave us richer than me.

Next thing he said is that both of us are not compatible after five years.

The one that even prepared me the most is that human gets never last.

Do you understand you just very sad? No, no! No! This one is rich people on jabota I think there should be water in the fridge.

I've gone down you, okay! Ah, this one is Ash very harsh, yeah I know you're a nice person.

I, don't want you to move for something.

I cannot die.

Hold yourself hold your heart.

You're a man you'll be all right.

If you're a fun man you're a fine man and you have money.

Why are you worrying? You'll? Be fine you'll, be fine, I loved, it I loved her.

So much, don't you always love them? Oh sorry, why don't you take a week off? Why? Because I enjoy your company? Oh yeah, if you're looking for somebody to stay with you, I can connect you to 90, and it's just that you give me we have is a very nice girl and I know you're a nice man.

You take care of her very well I.

Want you not not in that way see.

The thing is you're very funny, and you make me laugh it's just for your company, because right now my mind and body is not in that space.

I have work to do.

I said see me now this month, safe I will be paid, so I have to arrange myself.

Well, I'll pay you, you don't understand it.

Even if you pay me all the debt I'm on my three-month salary, we still not pay it.

I will pay you a year's salary.

You do you know what you're saying I'm rich in case you haven't noticed and let me think about it.

Fair enough, but I'll be expecting your response tomorrow.

6 A.M 6 a.m.

It's too early yeah I need time to think about what I'm going to tell my boss.

I need to even figure out if I want to go.

I I just need time, I'm not going to be here for that long.

I just have 10 days, so you can take any gifts.

You want from that table of this table just to make you I mean think and respond to me faster.

How about that? That's bribery and Corruption, but I agree.

Yes, thank you.

Oh my God cheers.

Yeah I know you have mind.

Oh my God babe designer Louis Vuitton, my God zaina.

This is original.


Do you know what this is? Oh, my God send me now I'll make him heal by the time I, massage him and use my tongue on him.

I already recommended you, but he turned it down.

That's because he has not seen me I mean.

Are you saying that I'm not fine? That's not what I mean it's Beauty now, I'm sure my beauty will convince him.

You know by the time I shake swag.

You know.

Do all that I know you changed his mind.

He doesn't want she's I know he's not a joke, babe! Please! No! You don't I already recommended you.

You make him heal fast.

No trust me! It's not I'm! Not his manager, please are you mad, no sir, because if you don't bring my money at the end of this, your suspiciously to God, who made me I, will make you run man and I'm stripping naked in Lagos.

Sorry, sir, you won't get to that.

Sir I am very serious, don't go and be stiff, Okay Google! That's your waste! You better shake it! Well, you hear me hey this.

Man is a very foolish man, yeah poverty because of these things that poverty, God God.

Please just pick my call pick my coaching.

My story.

People will be blessed, they don't get.

10 heads run me mad you're, welcome um, you can sleep in the room.

Okay, I'll! Take the couch! Okay! Let me take you back inside.

Oh and um dinner is in one hour, so get ready all right, I'll be back! Hey guys! You don't want to know where I am right now just hold up.

Yes, are you okay? Ah I was gonna.

Ask am I allowed to take pictures? Oh okay, wow you! You look amazing! Thank you! I! Think she's smaller than me.

The dress is a bit tight and the shoe is bigger than my leg.

You look perfect.

If you ask me, thank you, oh yeah.

The money we agree take, keep it I'll stay till the end.

You trust me that much nah, not that I trust you but I know you will not try nonsense, because if you try it see how this really become all this facade.

All these things, I'll just pack, everything ouch, ouch and I- was about to call you an angel.

Shall we you look nice yourself? Thank you see my shoes move from My Level just be going small small.

You had too much to eat right.

You can just have green tea.

Sure I will yeah it's you go ahead, I'll be right! Back yeah, okay, do I stand again.

They say life can be so crowd.

Never thought he'll be my time Sunday only hard times like again good morning.

Good morning we went out yes, oh my goodness, God I sit here.

You had too much to eat last night I'm.

So tired, it's okay! Do you see here man? This is so nice? Well, I ordered breakfast to soon be here.

I took the liberty to order their special.

Oh bless.

You go from the look of things that, let's just take water throughout today.

Okay, I can cancel them and no oh, come on that's what what can actually do so? Yes, so let me fresh it up.

Okay, you need to shout out to you know yes, I know! Thank you.

Let me post this one now post it easy like Tuesday morning.

How did you come up with your questions? I just! Shall we yep? Okay, no matter where you go.

Oh I! Don't care about your best Nelly.

What? What are you doing here? Baby you're here too work in this hotel? Okay, let me guess we're cleaner.

Here anyway, um hi hi um her boyfriend.

Let me have that I've been waiting for you inside, so you can try that thumb record for you.

Okay, don't keep me waiting? What's that um, that's uh, my very rich and single boyfriend up where's, your sugar, daddy.

Whatever are you talking about your married boyfriend? Now the one that gave you money to buy a new breasts? Oh there we go.

That's it.

Please business go, go into the room, go and multiply.

Yes, that's my boyfriend.

I know right, I know enjoy yourself, hey yeah.

It's all right.

I want to thank you for watching downstairs.

Oh, it's nothing.

I should be thinking, um, I, think I would just freshen up.

Okay, all right, I wish something more than this fight before me.

I need a thousand Rainbows too far in love.

How do you ever again? Can you choose me yeah? Ah, look! No! It's not salty! Okay! Who is interesting! It's sugar! Hey, hello, hello! Thank you! Thank you! That's not fairly! Salt I did not order for sauce.

I said sugar too.

Why did you do this to me? Um my God.

Go now go go! Thank you, foreign foreign foreign, oh for free fighting in your dream, or something did you sleep here? Why did you wake me up? I've been waking you up, but you just keep kicking your legs.

Ah, my head is Bunky.

What time is it it's tonight tonight? In the morning, okay I realize you're.

The one I've been waiting for My Sunshine waiting for you where the sun comes down, I'll, be waiting for you.

Do you know what you remember, You Are, My Sunshine, you can hold me tight.

You can count on me I'll! Never let you all I know.

Do you know what you mean to me today, I realize, thank you.

I realize you're the one I've been waiting for My Sunshine foreign making the money.

What's up with you now you just you just switched off just disappeared.

What would you help me? Do stay and cry? No! No man, of course, not all right.

So have you been now well having Goods just taking it a day at a time I see yeah I can see.

You really really moved on, like oh, no look we're just hanging out, okay, believe it or not.

She saved my life.

What yeah wait? Don't tell me you tried committing suicide.

Come on man.

No woman is worth this.

Okay look um! Can we hang out, you know and talk about this, my hotel bar, which which hotel I used to using the same number? Yes, I am don't worry, I'll.

Tell you the address to you.

Okay, I, I I, still wonder why I just hope: you're not losing Millions, staying away from your your business line, bro.

What is millions when you don't have life Insanity? Okay, okay, don't worry, I'll! Call you yeah! That's what I'm saying just use the money.

I asked you to borrow from The Cooperative, the hundred thousand use it cost per pack.

Don't worry about that? Don't worry! It's fine! I'll see you soon ready to go.

Are you sure it's your man friend like me to see just like this? Of course, so don't worry, no one can take your place.


Looking good! Thank you.

Are you sure you don't want to come? Ah, don't do your thing! Okay, okay, I'll, see you soon, um my God, okay um.

You can't tell me you're with this very beautiful looking lady and you have not.

You know what I mean now truth is I I, don't feel the urge for it.

You can't tell me you don't feel good if you're telling me you don't feel good, for example means you don't know you don't like her.

Of course, I do like her yeah like I, see you really do like her I mean you really do like me.

Look um she's an amazing person, but there's nothing.

You know I'll be crazy to jump into another relationship that fast.

She must not be in a relationship with her.

It's just allow things.

You know sting off bro there is no steam at all.

Moreover, she wants more and I can't give her anything beautiful right now come on in this.

You know this beautiful you mean you can't give up for me, this beautiful place technically I'm doing all of this.

For myself the pain rights you get the joke.

This one so tell me about the family, hey guys so I'm gonna, you know just make our time for yourself create time to flex and always remember to stay happy, because that is absolutely free.

Nothing is absolutely free.

Everything you see here is being paid for by a bill, but I'ma just keep motivating you all.

Okay, foreign, why so happy well I'm, just tormenting my enemies, helping them? Do you know that since I met you I gained over 600 followers right you're, my good luck? Charm? How did it go? Well, it was cool guys, gossip about me.

Men! Don't do that? Okay! So did you guys talk about me? Well, something like this.

You guys got them too much.

I! Guess you can't always win when it comes to go: okay, uh, no I'm, not I'm, just making videos.

Ah, yes, okay, this one! Are you ready? Yes, yes, sorry, one minute, yeah I'm, fine, like this I did can't you understand how somebody used One, Thousand Nights, by cool, it's not possible and I should tell my boss, that is too expensive.

They said it's 18 hour outside nobody, it's not expensive! It's it's! Okay! It's fine! Um! I'll, join you inside okay, okay hi.

What are you doing here? I just want to talk.

I did said she's Martins when I was in school.

Sometimes it got my needs.

He asked me to sleep with him or he will post it notes.

Are you serious? Yes? Why would you do that? The I was younger foolish.

You knew how I had to survive before I met you.

Why didn't you tell me you're being blackmailed? That is if that was what really happened.

I would never cheat on.

You never do that.

You should have told me it was ashamed.

I knew exactly the life you were living, but I still choose her peace.

Anyone else back.

Yes, what happened to the new team he destroyed it I was there he destroyed it.

It did I bounce it.

Yes, I promise, I'm, sorry, I'm, sorry, I'll be all right.

What's going on, I feel my work here.

What do you mean? Your work here is done.

Is that why you're packing your girlfriend is back so because she's back I have to jump back into her arms? Look she's, not even gonna sleep here.

Neither should I go over here.

Please stay! You sure.

Absolutely I need you here.

Okay, I'll stay because of my pay.

Thank you I'm, the one who should be thanking you for making it possible for me to go back home without shame.

I thought Europe was the plan.

Yeah I think it's best.

I go back to Benin on Facebook to write this I've been running away from you know.

Max was a fool.

He should be the one running and not you thank you.

So what are your plans when you get back to Benin I'm gonna set up my own restaurant and then just assist my dad financially with his business.

You know you are adults to be proud of it's a son of man.

Let's celebrate what are we celebrating? You mean who are we celebrating? Who are we celebrating you of course me what is going on yeah yeah yeah? You deserve it.

I'm, proud of you.

Thank you hold on.

Let me get us something to drink, because right now be right back.

Are we going now? Oh my God.

She looks so beautiful man.

Stop it.

You look really.

Nice can I get a picture with you tonight.

Of course, shall we go? Oh um? Yes, so um, hopefully I I got this for you.

Oh we yeah you and gifts.

You like it this this looks expensive.

Well, you deserve it yeah.

Let me help you um, okay and if it matches your outfit amazing right wow so, but you know, I can sell this thing right.

What okay, please let this rest on your wrist? Okay, let it rest there, how much do you value? So at least you can remember a time together.

I'll always remember our time together.

That is my job obvious go and shower get off get up.

There is hold on I have something for you yeah.

This is twenty thousand dollars and 500 000.

There is far more than we agreed.

Well, you gave me more than I expected.

Are you paying me for sex? No I am not paying you for sex if I have to pay for that, I will have to give you my heart.

It's unfortunate that my heart is messed up right now.

Well, we can try I'm I'm willing to try I believe we can try.

My agent's number is in there just call her, so she can help you with your visa and take it to wherever you want to go.

Thank you.

There is I'll, be here.

I believe foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign about you leave me as a nurse I've been here.

Looking all for you now, I, don't know what to fear anymore.

I, don't know where to be believed.

Anymore, replaced The, Shining, sun.

It's so dark in here.

I've got nowhere to go.

Who can help you here, foreign, how we had it so smooth, never knew I been dreaming cause, it felt so real.

It is to be so nice, the sky and the blue light and all the truths.

Yes, who is that I'm coming? Thank you all right, Time, Has Changed, take me higher higher through the mountains.

Amen foreign took me higher higher through the mountains.

Everything thank you.

It is yeah.

Yeah, yeah yeah time has changed the memories so far foreign.

Ah please sit I'm, proud of you.

Thank you.

It's got two of you.

I, followed you on social media.

I, see your lights, but I don't see yours well, I thought! Maybe I should just give you and Cherry with your space, so you can sort things out properly, there's no sharing! Why what happened? Well, I I did my own investigations and I realized she's been lying all along she's, just used to old, married man- oh my goodness yeah, but I also had that married men are quite less demanding in bed and very much more generous wait.

Are you saying he's out of experience like? Have you been there? Oh, no, but it's the world.

We hear things and we see things.

That's right! No, I'm! Sorry, okay, it's fine! It's good, see you I know.

I didn't come for the food.


Are you here, then um of Ray I messed up on you I mean offered yourself to be in a relationship with me.

Well, you were not emotionally available.

I just didn't stand.

How I could feel that way? After all, I've been through in just a short period of time, I was actually more vulnerable with you.

What do you want a time away? A better honeymoon with you that sounds like a proposal marry me.

Yes, marry you I can't wait to have you to be my better half I'm serious.

Absolutely yes, yes, oh you're, so fine, my goodness God you're gonna, be my husband.

Yeah, all the time, don't even argue, damn you're such a fine man, laughs voila, baby yeah.

How did you get the same room? You know your man, he got connections.

You know how to make things happen.


This room holds a lot of positive memories.

For me.

Yes, we made a good one.

God bless this room.

God bless us too.

Let's make it a beautiful one.

You ready, let's get it.

Thank you.

Thank you.

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