The Brother SE400: A Versatile Sewing and Embroidery Machine (2023)

The Brother SE400 is a computerized sewing and embroidery machine that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for both beginners and more advanced sewers. With its reliability, rich features, and affordability, the Brother SE400 has become a popular choice among sewing and embroidery enthusiasts.

Extensive Range of Sewing Features

One of the most attractive aspects of the Brother SE400 is its extensive range of sewing features. The machine boasts 67 sewing stitches with 98 stitch functions, allowing users to tackle a variety of projects with ease. Whether you're working on simple repairs or intricate home décor items, the Brother SE400 has the stitch options to meet your needs.

Embroidery Capability

In addition to its sewing features, the Brother SE400 also offers a 4"x4" embroidery capability. This makes it ideal for embellishing home décor, clothing, and gifts with beautiful and intricate designs. The machine's backlit, touch screen LCD display enhances user-friendliness by allowing for easy navigation through stitch and embroidery options.

Versatility for All Skill Levels

The beauty of the Brother SE400 lies in its ability to cater to a variety of skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced sewer, this machine provides an enjoyable and efficient sewing and embroidery experience. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy for beginners to get started, while its advanced features and capabilities satisfy the needs of more experienced users .

Compact Design

The Brother SE400 has a compact design that fits easily into any workspace. It measures 17.3 inches high, 16.5 inches wide, and 11.4 inches deep. Weighing only 13.2 pounds, it is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around and fit into tight spaces. The machine also comes with a detachable table to provide additional support when working with larger projects. With the table attached, the total weight of the machine is 15.2 pounds.

Embroidery Options

The Brother SE400 offers a wide range of embroidery options to unleash your creativity. It comes with 70 decorative embroidery patterns, 120 frame pattern variations, and 5 embroidery fonts. With these options, you can create unique designs for clothing, home décor, and gifts. The machine's automatic needle threader and speed control feature make it much easier to work quickly and with precision. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a USB port that allows you to connect it to a computer and access additional design options .

What's Included

When you purchase the Brother SE400, you will receive the following items:

  • Brother SE400 sewing and embroidery machine
  • Detachable table for larger projects
  • Power cord and foot controller
  • Embroidery hoop (4"x4")
  • Embroidery arm and embroidery foot
  • Needle set and bobbins
  • Seam ripper and cleaning brush
  • Screwdriver and spool caps
  • USB cable and instructional DVD
  • Operation manual and quick start guide

How to Use the Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine

Using the Brother SE400 embroidery machine is straightforward and user-friendly. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Turn on the machine by pressing the power button.
  2. Choose the desired stitch type using the buttons on the LCD screen.
  3. Adjust the stitch length and width if desired.
  4. Thread the machine following the instructions in the manual.
  5. Place the fabric under the presser foot, lower the presser foot lever, and start sewing by pressing the foot controller.

For embroidery projects, follow these additional steps:

  1. Attach the embroidery unit to the machine.
  2. Select the desired embroidery design from the built-in library or import a custom design through computer connectivity.
  3. Thread the machine with the appropriate color of embroidery thread.
  4. Hoop the fabric and stabilizer in the correct size embroidery hoop.
  5. Attach the hoop to the embroidery unit and start the embroidery process by pressing the embroidery start/stop button.

Remember to consult the machine's manual for detailed instructions on specific functions and settings.

Pros and Cons


  • Extensive range of sewing stitches and embroidery options.
  • User-friendly interface with a backlit, touch screen LCD display.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Versatile machine suitable for all skill levels.


  • Occasional occurrence of unexpected errors.
  • Limited embroidery area for larger designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a sewing machine and an embroidery machine? A: A sewing machine is primarily focused on stitching fabrics together, while an embroidery machine is designed for creating intricate patterns and designs on fabric.

Q: Is Brother a good brand for sewing and embroidery machines? A: Yes, Brother is a trusted brand known for producing reliable and easy-to-use sewing and embroidery machines with unique features, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Q: How difficult is it to learn how to use the Brother SE400? A: The Brother SE400 is a great machine for anyone looking to make their own custom designs. While it can be intimidating at first, the machine is actually quite easy to use. The included tutorials provide clear instructions and guidance to help you get up and running quickly. Even if you're brand new to the world of embroidery, the Brother SE400 can help you create beautiful designs with ease.

Q: Are there any additional accessories available for the Brother SE400? A: Yes, there are many additional accessories available to enhance your Brother SE400 machine. These accessories include specialty feet, presser plates, decorative threads, bobbins, needles, spools of thread, extension tables, and carrying cases. With these accessories, you can customize your Brother SE400 to suit your specific needs and preferences.


The Brother SE400 is a versatile sewing and embroidery machine that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. With its extensive range of sewing stitches, embroidery options, user-friendly interface, and compact design, it is an excellent choice for both beginners and more advanced sewers. Whether you're working on simple repairs or intricate embroidery projects, the Brother SE400 provides the tools and functionality to bring your creative ideas to life.

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